DBP 8 – Late Late Late

It’s been months since our last podcast, and it took another week after recording to actually get the damn thing online, but here it is; another Dead Beak podcast. For our one fan. Yay.

Only The Horses (F–k Rhianna)

Once again, the topic of conversation swings wildly into territories we would not have expected beforehand. This time, it’s horse saddles, and the fact that Rhianna is a stupid bint.

DBP 5 – The Dead Beak Minecraft Podcast (Your Face)

It’s time for the latest Dead Beak Podcast, in which we spend a great deal of time talking about an entirely different podcast that we all used to be part of. Also, much insulting, jibing, and, possibly, silent crying away from the microphone.

DBP 4 – YAFKahrst

For our fourth Dead Beak Podcast, we randomly pressed record and captured all the random gibberish that went on. Joined, once again, by Yas (off of YAFCast), we talk about… well, I’ll be honest, it was over a week ago, and I can’t remember what we talked about.

But I’m sure it was very entertaining.

DBP 3 – We’re Recording, You Know?

It’s time for the third Dead Beak Podcast. This week, we have recurring special guest; Yaz Clark (off of YAFCast), and first time special special guest, Eatturnip. Continue reading

DBP 2 – Quiet, Kahr!

Well, it was bound to happen. We got together in an ill-fitting virtual room, pressed record, and the second Dead Beak Podcast happened. Painfully. Continue reading

DBP 1 – Dead Beak the First

After months of talking, procrastinating, playing video games, doing other things, and just a little bit of masturbation, we finally managed to record the first Dead Beak Podcast. There’s laughter, tears, surprise guests, and very strange noises. Continue reading